Electric Device Division


Electric Device Division

We have “Component Technologies” with high value-added and high quality for meeting or exceeding the wide range of our customers’ needs under “Monozukuri” sprit developed since our incorporation. Based on this technology, we have built the high grade quality manufacturing system and excellent support provided by our integrated manufacturing structure performing all the process in house from initial design, trial production, manufacturing to delivery of products. We will become Green Partner for each customer to cope with environment regulations which is growing more and more strict.

Business Outline

  • SMT assembly
  • OEM/ODM of PWB unit, electric equipment
  • Design and development of the hardware
  • Assembly of electric and mechanical parts
  • Production of volume switches for vehicle
  • Manufacturing Thermal Energy Meter
  • Design and producing Metal mold, Jig & Tool

Combination of accumulated technologies and our own integrated manufacturing structure which enable us to provide flexible response and excellent engineering services for our customers.

Electronic Device Division specializes in providing “Component Technologies” with high value-added and high quality which has been realized by combining our technologies developed since our incorporation.
Technical Factory which is producing electronic products, Aomori Factory which is producing electric parts as EMS business, each factory facilitates a quick, flexible and fine response to our customer’s needs with our integrated manufacturing structure performing all the process in house by proposing initial design, trial production, procuring materials, inspection, manufacturing and even how to packing and delivery.


Our products are used in various industrial fields such as;


Technical Factory

ELE_img3Technical Factory is doing business ranging from design to manufacturing of various electronic products. This factory has enough technologies and management skills to respond customer’s needs for ODM/EMS business. Soldering know-how accumulated more than 20 years enables us to propose various ideas to customers. We also respond to the wide range of our customer’s needs with our excellent SMT technologies.


Main production facilities

Production Equipment, Evaluation/Analyzing Equipment

SMT Lines (5 lines)/ Printing Machine (5) / Printing checker (5) / Bonding machine (4)
Mounting Machine (17) / N2 Reflow (5) / Appearance Checker (5)
Automatic Soldering Machine/ Spot Soldering Machine/ Board Breaker/ BGA CSP Rework equipment/ Image Inspection Machine / ICT Tester / Bar code control system/Clean Room (Class 1000

Evaluation/Analyzing Equipment

X-ray Inspection Machine/ High humidity test chamber/ Heat shock test chamber

Measuring Equipment for HF related products

Spectrum Analyzer/ Network Analyzer/ TV signal generator/ Others

Aomori Factory

ELE_img4Aomori Factory provides not only EMS business for electric parts but also the quick and flexible total support to our customers including cost saving by proposing improvement plans ranging from design, procuring materials, manufacturing to inspection and even the way of packing and logistics. This factory also is able to provide any support related to manufacturing needs such as mold design, circuit design, automated machine design and production equipment design.


Main production facilities

Injection molding machine (Horizontal type)/ Press machine/ Automatic terminal crimp machine/ Emboss taping M/C/ Washing machine/ Three-dimensional measuring equipment/ Micro-scope/ Tool microscope/ Projector/ Torque meter/ Insulation resistance tester/ Pressure tester/ Low temperature air-conditioned room/ Constant temperature water tank/ Emboss peering tester/ Harness checker/ Oscilloscope. LCR meter/ Digital multi-meter/ Universal counter/ X-ray tester/ Ion brow/ Electric balance/ Surface grinder/ Lathe. Miller/ Drilling machine/ Wire electric discharge machine/ Form caving electric discharge machine/ Metal mold washer/ Metal overlay machine

Workers having passed Trade Skill Test

  • Plastic molding special grade
  • Plastic molding 2nd grade
  • Machine security maintenance worker 1st grade
  • Machine security maintenance worker 2nd grade
  • Press work chief person
  • Drilling machine 2nd grade
  • Surface grinder 2nd grade
  • Vocational training instructor (Machine section)
  • Vocational training instructor (Plastic molding section)
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