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This website is managed and administered by Andes Electric Co., Ltd. (“Andes”) Please read and agree the policies set forth as follows before using this website. It is our practice to ask users to agree to these policies before visiting the website. We may revise or update these policies without the advance notice to the users. In that case the revised or updated site policy will be posted on this website.

When using our site

The users are not allowed to use all the information provided through our website beyond the scope of personal use permitted by the copyright law or other relevant law without the prior consent of Andes.

Protection of personal information

Protection policy of personal information in this website is described in the Privacy Policy.

Prohibited Uses

At the use of any service or information on this website, the following act is prohibited.

  • (1) Act to give disadvantage, damage to third parties or Andes.
  • (2) Act to infringe third parties’ or Andes’ property and privacy.
  • (3) Act to damage third parties’ or Andes’ trust.
  • (4) Act to slander third parties or Andes.
  • (5) Act for the commercial purpose making profit in relation to this service.
  • (6) Criminal act or act with the fear to be tied to a crime.
  • (7) Political, election, religious act or the similar act.
  • (8) Act of registering false information.
  • (9) Act to violate laws, legislation and public order and morality or act with the fear to be tied to the violation.
  • (10) Act which Andes concludes as inappropriate.

Suspension of the service

Andes may stop/interrupt the operation of this website temporarily without the advance notice or consent from the users;

  • (1) when Andes needs to carry out the maintenance and/or update the facilities being operated for this service.
  • (2) in case that this service is forced to stop by an inevitable accident (natural disaster such as earthquake, fire, blackout, emergency situation).
  • (3) when Andes needs to back up the data being used for this service.
  • (4) when the operational and/or technical reasons forces to stop the service.
  • (5) when Andes decides to stop/interrupt the operation.


The content on this website is created with paying upmost care, however, Andes does not guarantee the correctness, dependability, timeliness, usefulness of the contents or operation.
Andes does not assume any responsibility for any damage or loss incurred to the users as a result of using, accessing or failing to access our website. Andes also bears no liability to the users for any trouble or damage on software and hardware incurred by using this website.
Andes has no liability, excepting any case caused by any reason attributable to Andes’ responsibility, to any damage and dispute which may arise between users and third parties incurred by using this website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This site policy is, unless otherwise specified, governed and construed by the law of Japan. In case it is necessary to settle any dispute which may arise in connection with this site policy by lawsuit, Hachinohe branch of the Aomori District Court will be the exclusive court with jurisdiction of the first instance.

For any inquires concerning the Site Policy:
Please contact: Andes Electric Co., Ltd.

1-3-1 Kikyono Kogyodanchi Hachinohe, Aomori 039-2292, Japan
Telephone: +81-178-20-2811
Fax: +81-178-20-2316

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